A cosy red kerchief 

I spent a considerable amount of time this week chasing spiders off two antique farm carts. Some of the webs they left behind might well have been antiques themselves and at times I was concerned that once their structural support was removed the woodworm might win, but the talented craftsmen that made them knew their stuff. These lovely old machines are still standing, still rolling and are glowing after their wash. 

After years of training and practice of looking after delicate ceramics, elegant sculptures and fragile books, I was suprised how much I enjoyed working on these relics of our agricultural past and I’m thoroughly looking forward to more of the same next week.

It was however filthy, filthy work. The dirt and the dust got down through almost all my layers of clothing and my skin felt plated with dust. The second I was through the front door, I was in the shower. 

I’d tried to cover my hair with a polyester scarf, but it was too slippery to cope with all the bending and shifting. So once I was clean from the shower, I picked out a ball of red aran weight wool from my stash, that had been a gift from the same friend who passed on the multi-coloured King Cole Magnum chunky weight that I used to make my glorious socks. In it’s travels it lost its label, so it have no idea what it is, but it’s got a good bit of wool in it, and I’m hoping it will felt up a little. 

 When worn the end result looks quite a but like a big red nappy strapped to my head, but with the help of hair pins I believe it can be tamed. It’s warm, and will keep the dust out at least!
Oh, it’s crochet by the way. Chain 2, in first chain, dc, ch, dc. Turn, then ch1, dc in first dc from previous row, ch1, (dc, ch2, dc) in chain space, ch 1, dc. Then just repeat that pattern as the triangle gets bigger and bigger, always making sure that the dc, ch2, dc follows through to make the point. 


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