Sweet dreams….

I have a cold. My universe has temporarily narrowed to my nose and forehead, with time measured as the gap between sneezes. I’ve spent the day on the sofa, curled under one of my crochet blankets, drinking as much water as possible. 

I’m very bad at being idle, so I did pick up something to work on, buy my concentration was all over the place. 

Before the lurgy overcame me last night, I managed to finish off a really lovely sleep mask. A couple of Sundays ago, my mum and I went to the Waltham Abbey Wool show, and she brought me this gorgeous silk yarn. Yes… I know the whole point of this blog was using the yarn I already have and not buying any more but this was a present and so doesn’t count! 

I’ve been meaning to make this Debbie Bliss pattern since I picked it up her book Knits for you and your home last year. I lined the back of the mask, and made the strap from a silk scarf (that I’d already scavenged from to make a camisole). I ripped this scarf years ago on a wheelie chair at work, but it’s pattern and the fact that it was a gift from a very dear friend, who brought it all the way back from Goa for me, saved it from the scrap heap. 

I love the quirky result. It also works, as my cold enforced afternoon nap proved this afternoon! And that’s enough time being awake, back to bed with PG Wodehouse. Eurgh….


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