A happy distraction

So I clearly got distracted about five minutes after my last post. A few pages after my spiral heelless socks in Easy Knitted Socks is a great chunky pattern for a pair of mock-cable lovelies. Watching me from my shelf-stash was a ball of yarn that was shouting “Warm feet! Warm feet!” at me, and always having limited will power, I gave on and cast on. 

A lovely colleague of mine – who is also clearing out her craft cache – gave this and another ball in a different colour way on Thursday. Using it straight away seemed to be more sensible that letting it linger in my stash! It’s King Cole Magnum, a lightweight chunky 25% wool/75% acrylic blend. 

The pattern knit up so quickly and as I pick it up this evening, I only have half the foot and the toes to go on my first sock! 

These socks are so thick they almost stand up by themselves and will be not just perfect, but probably essential by the end of the week when the weather comes in cold! Let’s see if an evening slumped in front of the television avoiding the miserable January outside can get this one finished and it’s pair cast on.


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