Cold feet

After years of trying and failing, I have only recently finally got the hang of knitting socks. My first finished pair are a complete joy, for all that they are very basic.

As so often, this has turned out to be the right skill at the right time. On Friday, a very important boiler for my personal comfort was sent to the world beyond, and my mood descended with the temperature. My toes were especially unhappy.  

It’s not going to be a quick fix, so further layers of insulation are clearly going to be needed. 

On Friday night then, I cast on some new’s worth noting here, that I have one sock already finished, made in a mixture of three green 4ply yarns, that needs it’s other half casting on and completing. I didn’t do this and have of course started something new. 

I wanted something warmer and thicker, so I’m making some spiral heeless socks from Jeanette Trotman’s Easy Knitted Socks. I’m using a mix of Drops Lima (a lovely alpaca blend) in a soft grey, and King Cole Panache in a rich, flecked dark blue. 

I started off on a circular needle and using the magic loop technique, but it was completely beyond my cold addled brain, so I switched to DPNs and cast on again after getting in a horrible muddle. 

I don’t have any 3.5m DPNs, and with the memory of my cold toes very much in my mind, I used my 2.5m needles. Yes it’s wrong, but I have a lovely tight, cosy night, and once I’d got up to 52 stitches, I not only changed colour, I changed to my circular needles. I made quick process, and after a few rounds last night, I can pick them up this morning, looking healthily underway. They are lush and squishy, with a promise of cosiness. Round and round we go!


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