New Year’s resolutions

The 3rd January might be a little late to start on a resolution, but at least I’VE spared myself three days of failing!

After very cultured and philosophical resolutions in years gone by (go to the theatre every month, read more Dickens, learn to dance) this year I’m aiming for something more prosaic.

I’m rather obsessed with making things. I can only rarely just sit still. There is always knitting or crochet in my hands, or I’m cutting out a new dress. This has two consequences: I have quite a few works in progress  (WIP) and a vast stash of odd balls of wool, scraps of rag and the odd metre or two of fabric hanging about the place.

In 2017, I want to use it all up, making new and gorgeous things for my friends and family, those who need it and myself. Unless I need something to finish (zips, thread, one final ball of wool) I’m not going to buy anything. 

Yep. Let’s see how long that lasts!


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  1. Good luck! I hope your will power is better than mine; I placed an order this morning before remembering I’d resolved not to buy anything but the actual essentials(as in not the ‘I don’t have it in that exact shade’ essential)


    1. elizaford says:

      It is so easily done! Last time I had this resolution, I was completely seduced by some hand dyed 100% silk yarn. Just too beautiful!

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