A little bit of patchwork

Among my many WIPs are not just one, but two patchwork quilts. I really hate throwing away the leftovers from any dressmaking and so have amassed quite a bit of rag and cut offs. In my head, this is an organised and productive process. Larger bits are made into smalls (there’s some great knicker patterns out there), then squares for one quilt, the hexagons for the other and finally the rest is used for a rag rug I also have in progress.

In reality, I have two completed hexagon wheels of English pierced patchwork, with a shoe box of cut out hexagons. In another box are several hundred squares all colour matched and ready to be sew into a desperately complicated pattern for a beginner patchworker. I have a basket full of rag, and a very patchily covered bit of hessian. 

Well, this is all going to have changed by the end of 2017. I am aware that using up all my fabric will create more scraps, but I’m ignoring that for the time being.

Tonight I’ve been cutting hexagonal templates from supermarket magazines, and sewing on the fabric. It’s a relaxing counterpoint to returning properly to work tomorrow and some quite scary episodes of Being Human, that we’re re-watching. 

Not a huge amount of progress, but satisfying none the less. 


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